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Generalized logo's description to match associated types.


Previously, "A logo associated with an organization."
However, also Brand, Place, Product types take "logo" property.
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danbri committed Oct 23, 2014
1 parent 8051bc3 commit 0e56869bb122252a41fce31e903c9608f0621a7d
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<div typeof="rdf:Property" resource="">
<span class="h" property="rdfs:label">logo</span>
<span property="rdfs:comment">A logo associated with an organization.</span>
<span property="rdfs:comment">An associated logo.</span>
<link property="rdfs:subPropertyOf" href="" />
<span>Domain: <a property="" href="">Organization</a></span>
<span>Domain: <a property="" href="">Place</a></span>

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