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Commits on Aug 19, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek Link explicitly against X11
Fixes FTBFS on modern gcc/binutils environments
for more details about this subject. Patch by Erik van Pienbroek
@epienbroek epienbroek Add support for GMime 2.4 1dead40
@epienbroek epienbroek Add support for GMime 2.6 fc5f481
@epienbroek epienbroek Add gtkhtml3-devel pkgconfig requirements into config stuff for evolu… 5dac684
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix compatibility with evolution-data-server 2.31 b3b5120
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix compatibility with gtkhtml 3.31 2c5163f
@epienbroek epienbroek Make sure the tray icon doesn't freeze on KDE when unread count reach… b87220f
@epienbroek epienbroek Add support for evolution 2.91 ad6bffe
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix compatibility with gtkhtml 3.91.4 7e1ada5
@epienbroek epienbroek Started on evolution 3.0 support 784049e
@epienbroek epienbroek Improved evolution 2.91 support 1009557
Commits on Aug 20, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek Ported to GTK3
- Ported the package to use GTK3 (as that's used by evolution on F15)
- Replaced the libglade pieces by GtkBuilder
- Dropped the dependency on libgnomeui (but keep the libgnome dep for now)

Patch by Erik van Pienbroek
@epienbroek epienbroek Don't throw assertion errors when some icons can't be found
Don't throw assertion errors (and a possible crash) when
some icons can't be found. Fixes RHBZ #654826

Patch by Erik van Pienbroek
@epienbroek epienbroek Improved GTK3 support 736af69
@epienbroek epienbroek Replaced the .glade files with GtkBuilder .ui files eec99f3
@epienbroek epienbroek Fixed compatibility with evolution 3.1 fd3a1ff
@epienbroek epienbroek Improved evolution 3.1 compatibility 7fce58e
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix markup with XFCE ddcfc8c
@epienbroek epienbroek Make sure GTK3 popup windows are themed properly b19a8f1
@epienbroek epienbroek Removed the --sm-disable flag from the autostart file
Removed the --sm-disable flag from the autostart file as it
isn't working anymore (due to the dropped libgnomeui dep)

Patch by Erik van Pienbroek
@epienbroek epienbroek Improved evolution 3.1 compatibility e8a61b9
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek Make the mailbox properties dialog resizable df5d238
@epienbroek epienbroek Fixed a memory corruption issue in the tooltips code e2d4c69
@epienbroek epienbroek Pack the list of evolution mail folders in a GtkScrolledWindow b7c74d3
@epienbroek epienbroek Make the evolution plugin compatible with evolution 3.2 and 3.4 33ea094
@epienbroek epienbroek Fixed a compatibility issue with libnotify 0.7 (attach-widget warnings)
This fixes warnings like these: GLib-GObject-WARNING **:
g_object_set_valist: object class `MNPopup' has no property named

Patch by Erik van Pienbroek
@epienbroek epienbroek Fixed compatibility with evolution 3.3.5 7219ac9
@epienbroek epienbroek Fixed possible segfault in the evolution plugin 0914a6c
@epienbroek epienbroek Prevent stack overflow in the verify_ssl_certificate function
Fixed a stack overflow which occured while verifying SSL certificates for POP3 and IMAP mailboxes

Patch by Erik van Pienbroek
@epienbroek epienbroek Adding mailboxes was broken with evolution 3.4. Fixed dacd034
@epienbroek epienbroek Various minor improvements in the gtk3 user interface c4aab46
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix compatibility with evolution 3.5.1 9f38716
@epienbroek epienbroek Don't crash when the system tray manager (like gnome-shell) is restarted
Patch created by Julien Danjou
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix segfault when the Polish translation is used
Patch created by Przemysław
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix invalid merge caused by commit c4aab4 c862165
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix incomplete merge in commit fa576d df62a81
@epienbroek epienbroek Merge branch 'master' of 74a1c42
@epienbroek epienbroek Add support for evolution 3.5.3 b4ca832
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix the location of the tooltip
Fixes a regression which was introduced by commit fa576da (port to gtk3)
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek g_type_init is deprecated as of GLib 2.35 72ad191
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek New e-mail wasn't detected properly when using evo 3.6
In evolution 3.5/3.6 the folder_name variable doesn't contain the
folder name but instead it contains the full uri: GNOME BZ #688429,
evolution commit 3449e5fc
@epienbroek epienbroek Use a more efficient method to retrieve unread mails from evo 5fc0d59
@epienbroek epienbroek Build with debugging symbols by default eab5c13
Commits on Nov 23, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek Improve indenting 8b2637d
@epienbroek epienbroek More indenting improvements 0c7613f
@epienbroek epienbroek Improve indenting a1afd22
@epienbroek epienbroek Revert "Don't throw assertion errors when some icons can't be found"
This reverts commit 220a6a2.
This issue has been resolved upstream in GTK 2.24.9 and GTK 3.2.4
Commits on Nov 24, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek Support both gtk2 and gtk3
As the GTK3 port isn't fully complete yet use GTK2 by default.
The GTK3 port can be activated by running ./jb configure gtk3=yes
@epienbroek epienbroek Allow building the evolution plugin when using GTK2 4656db1
Commits on Nov 25, 2012
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix alignment of items in tooltip when using GTK2 2c30ae3
@epienbroek epienbroek Use eggtrayicon which has better transparency support (taken from UIM…
… project)

The original eggtrayicon which was bundled with mail-notification ceased
to work properly on modern desktop environments. Transparent icons
didn't work correctly any more. An attempt was done to port
mail-notification to use GtkStatusIcon, but unfortunately this required
a rewrite of a large piece of the mail-notification which isn't feasable
for now. The UIM project has done an excellent job at keeping
eggtrayicon in working condition for both GTK2 and GTK3 environments
so we replace our copy of eggtrayicon with the eggtrayicon code from
the UIM project
@epienbroek epienbroek More indenting improvements 01427ac
@epienbroek epienbroek More indenting improvements 5dc7c76
Commits on Feb 10, 2013
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix potential source of crasher bugs
Might resolve the crasher bugs mentioned at
@epienbroek epienbroek Resolve segfault when a configuration error was detected on startup (…
…RHBZ #847543)

See for details and backtrace
@epienbroek epienbroek Properly unrealize the tray icon
In commit fa55ad a more modern version of eggtrayicon was used.
However, it turned out that it caused tray icons to remain visible
on the screen even when they should be destroyed. Worked around this
for now as I'm uncertain what the proper fix is
@epienbroek epienbroek Replace gtk_paint_box with cairo calls
The function gtk_paint_box was used to draw a box containing
the number of new mails in the tray icon. For some unknown reason
this has been broken for some time. On modern environments this
function only draws a gray non-transparent box without any borders.
As this makes the tray icon look ugly the code in question was
rewritten using cairo API functions
@epienbroek epienbroek Make sure the tray icon is drawn initially with the correct dimensions 45d11d2
Commits on Dec 31, 2013
@epienbroek epienbroek Fix launching of Seamonkey Mail reader
Patch contributed by Dmitry Butskoy