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Voice controlled sleep timer for music playing on a chromecast audio
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What It Does

This project allows you to set a sleep timer for music playing on a Chromecast audio. As of May 2018, Google does not support sleep timers for music casting from a Google Home to a Chromecast Audio. And the sleep timers on Android were cumbersome and unreliable at turning off a Chromecast. With this script, you can set a sleep timer for a Chromecast with a single button press.

How To Use It

The software runs on a Raspberry Pi that is equipped with the microphone, button, and speaker that comes with the AIY voice kit. It relies on the AIY drivers and libraries, which are not duplicated in this repository. You must supply the IP address of the Chromecast you wish to control and a correct path to stream2chromecast in You will want to run the script automatically by setting it as a systemd service. An example .service file is included in the repository.

To avoid conflicting with a Google Home, this script only listens for voice commands after the AIY voice kit button has been pressed.

Command Description
Silence (button press with no command) The sleep timer will be set for the default duration (45 minutes).
"Sleep in <minutes>" or
"Sleep <minutes>" or just
The sleep timer will be set (or re-set) to the specified time.
"Cancel" Any active sleep timers are deactivated.
"How much time is left?" The voice will announce the time left on the timer.
Other voice commands You will receive the audio response provided by the Google Assistant API.


You are free to use this in any way you wish.

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