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.config add kitty config Oct 9, 2018
.nixpkgs nix-env: allow non-free packages (vscode!) Dec 17, 2016
.vim more plugin configs Nov 25, 2017
.xmonad use updatePointer to move mouse when focus changes Dec 17, 2016
.zsh update nixos, change settings to match May 23, 2018
backup rewrite Oct 8, 2018
nixos/thinkpad-x220i update nixos, change settings to match May 23, 2018
.Xresources urxvt scrolling config Dec 18, 2016
.dircolors change directory and symlink colors Oct 20, 2011
.gitconfig global gitignore didn't work Dec 13, 2018
.gitignore global gitignore didn't work Dec 13, 2018
.gitmodules remove unused submodule; make the useful ones track master branch May 24, 2016
.screenrc my current configs for zsh, vim, screen and git Apr 16, 2010
.screenrc-hut remove two default screens i don't need Mar 22, 2012
.vimrc some keybinds similar to Nov 22, 2018
.xmobarrc move time to the rightmost position Dec 18, 2016
.xprofile use albert as the X launcher Jan 26, 2017
.zshenv don't run global zshrc & co Nov 10, 2018
.zshrc add zsh tools Dec 13, 2018
Brewfile add Brewfile to remember my homebrew installs Nov 13, 2017
IntelliJ-Java-style.mxl add my Java formatting for IntelliJ Mar 7, 2017 simpler installation instructions Apr 19, 2016 enhancements Oct 9, 2018
dancek.keylayout macos keylayout: alt+ISO = (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Nov 2, 2018
uhk_config.json UHK config cleanup Oct 1, 2018

These are some of my dotfiles. Nothing fancy.

I created this setup with the following in mind:

  • version control
  • backups
  • a way to update my dotfiles on different machines
  • option not to have a git repository in my $HOME

Cloning (read-only) to a new place works like this:

git clone --recursive ~/.config/dotfiles
cd ~/.config/dotfiles

(If the directory is something else than ~/.config/dotfiles, you need to tell that to