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This is an experimental program that lets you compose a Stack Overflow question in a text file and then post it from the unix command line.

This project is alpha and is only a proof of concept at this stage.


gem install ask_stack


First you have to fire up an instance of SeleniumRC on your computer.

You can start SeleniumRC with

ask_stack -s

This should be done in a different terminal window from the one you will be running ask_stack in. You only have to start up the Selenium standalone server once. You can leave this running in the background indefinitely.

The next step is to compose your question in a text file.

The text file (let's call this one question.txt) should follow this format:

How to use omniauth to make authenticated calls to services?

I've received a token / secret from a service using OmniAuth and can
store it for users, but I'm stuck as to how to actually use these to
call a service.

The closest thing I've seen to this question is here but the way
he's solved that there doesn't feel right. I feel like OmniAuth
likely does this all for you if you know what you're doing.

Netflix has a pretty involved auth process, so I was hoping to skirt
all of this by using OmniAuth to abstract me from all of this.

Given that I have a token and secret for a user, how to use these in
calling a service like Netflix?

Many thanks :)

ruby-on-rails ruby omniauth netflix 

The first line is the title of the question, then there is a blank line, and then the body of the question follows. The last line of the text file should contain your tags for the question, separated by spaces. The body of the question can contain any of the special markup and formatting that Stack Overflow accepts.

Note there is no autocompletion of tags or auto-suggestion of similar questions (yet). So try to choose tags that you've seen before on S.O.

Finally, before submitting your question, you need to put your OpenID credentials in a ask_stack.yml file in the directory where you're going to run the program from. For this proof of concept version, only Google is accepted as an OpenID provider.

The ask_stack.yml should look like this:

password: stackoverflowrocks

Now you can try submitting your question like this.

ask_stack < question.txt


Please feel free to fork and add to this program. I would love for it to be a community effort. Fight for the command line.