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A simple Vim plugin to help you traverse related Rails 3.1 files.

For example, if you were looking at app/models/authentication.rb and invoked the plugin, rails31nav.vim would show you a file selection dropdown like this:


The approach here is different from the way Tim Pope's vim-rails plugin traverses related files. But you should be able to use both plugins together without conflict.


To open the list of Rails files related to the file open in the current buffer:

<Leader><Leader>        # Probably ,, or \\ depending on your setup

Use <C-n> and <C-p> to move up and down the selection list. Press ENTER to go to that file.

The selection list is also numbered. You can enter a menu number instead to open that file.

The plugin also adds a utility command that lets you open files deep within a folder hierarchy a little faster:

:OP [filename]

filename is the name of a Rails file without the path. You can type the first few characters of the filename, and then use TAB to autocomplete it, and then (TAB || <C-n>) and (shift+TAB || <C-p>) to cycle through all the matches in the Rails directory tree. When you see the matching file, press ENTER to edit it.

So for example, if you typed :OP user and then pressed TAB, you might see as the first match. Then if you pressed TAB again, you would see users.css.scss, and so on.


Copy plugin/rails31nav.vim to ~/.vim/plugin/

Quick install:

curl > ~/.vim/plugin/rails31nav.vim


If you want to use another key combo to open the related files dropdown, put something like this in your .vimrc:

map <Leader>xx :call Rails31Nav_show_drop_down()<cr>


Daniel Choi