Issue30 relative filelinks #31

merged 5 commits into from Sep 9, 2013

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For information and documentation see #30.

0robustus1 added some commits Aug 23, 2013
@0robustus1 0robustus1 allow soylink as URI scheme.
- also fix issue in which an empty
  scheme was a valid URI.
- and rename http_link_pattern to uri_link_pattern
  Since the pattern does actually match more than just http-scheme
  URIs it is renamed to reflect the content more precisely.
@0robustus1 0robustus1 add function to convert soyfile:// to file://
For autochdir compatibility it will first try to resolve the path
relative to the current namespace; if this fails it will default
back to a path relative to the wikis root directory.

Also add a helper function to determine full namespace path.
@0robustus1 0robustus1 add actual call with soyfile utilization. 49fbf1d
@0robustus1 0robustus1 allow for absolute paths in soyfile:// style
- also add some codedocumentation for
  the soyfile://-expansion function.
@0robustus1 0robustus1 add soyfile-support to html exporter. 30588fd
@0robustus1 0robustus1 was assigned Sep 6, 2013
@0robustus1 0robustus1 merged commit f996815 into master Sep 9, 2013
@0robustus1 0robustus1 deleted the issue30-relative_filelinks branch Sep 9, 2013
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