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Dec 22, 2014


This is version v0.9.8.3
Includes the following features/improvements:

- Merge pull request #53 from 0robustus1/32-relative_soyfile_link_compilation
- Merge pull request #52 from 0robustus1/39-soywiki_mapping_config
- Merge pull request #51 from danchoi/49-disable_git_autocommit
Apr 15, 2014


bump version to
This includes the following:
- SWSL feature to search and present the user with a
  list of the search results
- Documentation for the SWSL feature
- Select and open a page without focusing
  it (staying focused on the search result list)
Jan 25, 2014


bump version to
This includes code which fixes rename functionality
for ruby 1.9.3 (the old fix only worked for versions
above, and including, 2.0.0).
It also fixes the expansion of wiki-pages.
Jan 24, 2014


bump version to 0.9.8
This includes making the default filetype configurable and
a fix for the rename (and rename-to) commands,
which was non-functioning since the autochdir-patch was introduced.
Sep 21, 2013


Version 0.9.7 of the rubygem
This includes the following features:

- Support for soyfile:// style links.
Aug 21, 2013


Version 0.9.6 of the rubygem
This includes the following features/fixes:

- Allowing file:// schema URIs
- Fix Links for Markdown-Syntax export.
Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013
Jul 25, 2013
Nov 27, 2012
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