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twim lets you post status updates to your Twitter from Vim.



gem install twim


Before using twim, you must first get a Twitter API key and authorize the twurl command (note that this is a different command from twim) to access your Twitter account. Type

twurl -T

for instructions.


twim [args]

This will invoke vim, where you can compose your tweet. Look at the Vim status line to see how many characters you have left before reaching the character limit.

If you can pass in arguments, they will be pre-inserted in to the tweet text.

To post the tweet, exit vim with :wq. To abort, exit with :q!.

Turning URLs into TinyURLs

If you paste or type a long URL, twim can condense it into a TinyURL. Just put the cursor somewhere on the URL and type


in normal mode. (That's the leader key followed by a comma). Note that this feature assumes you have curl installed on your system.


If you like twim, try twail.

Twim is really just a convenience wrapper around the awesome twurl program.

My name is Daniel Choi. I'm a big fan of Vim and the command line. You can follow me on Twitter at