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twitter oauth using haskell

Experimenting with Haskell and Twitter OAuth/API

twitter.cfg is the necessary config file with creds:

  key = yourkey
  secret =  yoursecret
  callback = http://localhost:3000/sign-in-with-twitter

Documentation is not complete


Wire up Snap app with this function

-- | Injects the oauth_verifier into the token. Usually this means the user has 
-- authorized the app to access his data.

injectOAuthVerifier :: String -> Token -> Token
injectOAuthVerifier value (ReqToken app params) = ReqToken app (replace ("oauth_verifier",value) params)
injectOAuthVerifier _ token                     = token

Twitter verifier looks like this

GET /local-endpoint-sign-in-with-twitter/?
        oauth_verifier=uw7NjWHT6OJ1MpJOXsHfNxoAhPKpgI8BlYDhxEjIBY HTTP/1.1

Remember that I can get Token fieldlist with (oauthParams token)

Source code for Network.OAuth.Consumer (hauth-0.2.5)

TODO Switch from Data.ConfigFile to Data.Configurator


I started with this gist from mlikka && updated and modified it