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An UI module for user-side pincode verification.

Getting started

$ npm i react-native-code-verification --s


Name Type Description Default
descriptionText String A description text Please enter pincode for entry
spaceColor Color Color of line under digit #FF0000
closeButtonColor Color Color of X - close button #FF0000
onEnteredPincode Function A function that returns entered code -
onCloseView Function On press close button, will be useful to close view -
onPressTouchId Function Touch Id is not available, but you can make it by yourself -
withTouchId Boolean If you do not neet touch id, you can set it to false TRUE



import Pincode from 'react-native-code-verification';

// TODO: What to do with the module?
class Example extends Component {
  public render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
        <Pincode onEnteredPincode={pin => this.onDetectPin(pin)} />
  private onDetectPin = pin => {
    console.log('pinCode>>>', pin);


MIT, Otel Danagul