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Package: xiangqiboard
Version: 0.1.3
Section: games
Priority: extra
Essential: no
Architecture: i386
Depends: hoichess
Enhances: hoichess
Suggests: yelp
Installed-Size: 4000
Maintainer: Ralph Glass []
Description: GTK GUI for playing Xiangqi with hoichess (hoixiangqi)
Xiangqiboard provides a resizeable graphical user interface for playing xiangqi
or chinese chess against the hoixiangqi engine by Holger Ruckdeschel (hoixiangqi
is included in the hoichess package).
Xiangqiboard is implemented with the Gtk2Hs GUI Library for Haskell and makes use
of the Cairo 2d graphics library via the GTK interface. The pieces are hand created
with the vector graphics editor Inkscape.
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