Command line interface for browsing
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reddit-cli is a tool that lets you browse and follow links from a command line shell. reddit-cli supports logins, subreddits, reading comments and even has a boss key!


Run with ./reddit-cli

Login with ./reddit-cli -u yourusername -p yourpassword


  • o,Enter : open link in system default webbrowser
  • O : open link in lynx
  • h : open comment thread in browser
  • l : open comment thread in lynx
  • q : quit
  • b : boss mode (executes man python by default)
  • u : refresh
  • s : switch subreddit
  • j,k or arrow keys : scroll
  • n,m : previous and next page, respectively


  • python 2.6 or higher (unit tests require 2.7)
  • lynx if you want the ability to open links with it
  • "light on dark" terminal color scheme