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Zirrow is a Zillow Api wrapper written in Ruby, designed to self-document in a Sinatra app.



To get all the gems, bundle install

If you just want a really simple Zillow Api class, use /api/Zirrow.rb.

If you want to run the api site, just rackup or if you're on Heroku, heroku create && git push heroku master.

No clue what rack is? Read about here Rack

You'll need to request a Zillow Api Key to get rolling.

When you get your key, go in and edit the settings in app.rb.

What's it do?

Zirrow scrapes the many pages of the Zillow Api Documentation for summaries of each api when you create a new method in Zirrow.rb and implement it in the Sinatra app.

How do I use it?

The following returns search results (json) for this address:

@z = :key => 'myZWSID' 'address' => '184 17th ave', 'citystatezip' => 'san francisco ca' 

What's it going to do?

Zirrow will eventually scrape the api parameters and dynamically compare existing parameters to ensure this api wrapper is up to date. It's even going to dynamically write this README and push it to github.

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