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CouchDb client library.

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Chill - PHP Library for CouchDb

Chill is a simple and efficient CouchDb client library for PHP. Released under the BSD 2 Clause Licence and made available via Composer/Packagist.

Example usage

Retrieve a single document by ID:

$chill  = new Chill\Client('localhost', 'my_database');
$doc    = $chill->get('8128173972d50affdb6724ecbd00d9fc');
print $doc['_id'];

Retrieve the results of a view as Chill Document objects:

$chill  = new Chill\Client('localhost', 'my_database');
$docs   = $chill->asDocuments()->getView('mydesign', 'myview', array('key1', 'key2'));
foreach($docs as $doc)
    print $doc->_id . PHP_EOL;

Retrieve and update a document

$chill      = new Chill\Client('localhost', 'my_database');
$doc        = $chill->get('8128173972d50affdb6724ecbd00d9fc');
$doc->title = 'Changing my doc.';

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