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An open source logger for hourly work, written in Java.
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An open source logger for hourly work, written in Java.

About this Project

Danny's Website Design releases this work under an MIT License. For contributing, please see CONTRIBUTING.

This project is to be worked on in IntelliJ IDEA. To import it, simply open the project in IDEA. You may have to add hours-logger.iml as a module, and, for JAR export, see .idea/artifacts/HoursLogger.xml.

File Formatting

hours-logger saves output as .csv (Comma Seperated Values) files. This format is best in our purpose, since we can easily open them in Excel.

File Structure

File structure for output is saved as:

  • a header row
  • a client
  • their work done

Where, a client has their info stored as:

Rate, ${hourly rate}
{work... each line is one task}

Their work done is as a row, for each "Work", stored as,

{start time as ISO-8601 Instant}, {end time as ISO-8601 Instant}, {description}, ${amount owed}


This should work with any device that can run GUI Java code, including Windows, Mac OS X, and a Linux GUI.

In order to run it, you will need a copy of the Java Runtime Environment. We built this one on Java 8. You may download this specific version at

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