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Releases: dandavison/delta


03 Dec 20:21
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What's Changed

Full Changelog: 0.15.0...0.15.1


03 Dec 15:07
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What's Changed

Thanks to all contributors for the changes in this release! One particularly exciting contribution is the tweaks to the highlighting algorithm made by @phillipwood in #1244. This is something that has remained more or less the same since delta was first created, but #1244 brings several improvements in the details of exactly which characters are highlighted.

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Full Changelog: 0.14.0...0.15.0


31 Aug 21:01
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What's Changed

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Full Changelog: 0.13.0...0.14.0


13 May 16:48
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What's Changed

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Full Changelog: 0.12.1...0.13.0


06 Mar 15:30
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What's Changed

  • Make git include colors in output going to delta by @dandavison in #966
  • Clarify language: "in front of" → "before" by @waldyrious in #967
  • Fix parsing for .properties files with - in path by @jdpopkin in #975
  • Support CSI sequences other than SGR by @yoichi in #976
  • Enable commit links for GitLab by @jwarlander in #972
  • Fall back to plain diff when process substitution is used by @th1000s in #978
  • Include information about GIT_PAGER in manual by @katylava in #991
  • Use assets API from bat library instead of vendored code by @dandavison in #903
  • Calling process: Query more parents, disable full scan by @th1000s in #984
  • Run in diff mode iff two positional arguments are supplied by @dandavison in #995

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Full Changelog: 0.12.0...0.12.1


14 Feb 19:02
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There's quite a lot in this release, with contributions from 8 different people.

Firstly a breaking change: some deprecated options are no longer supported: in particular plus-color and minus-color. See #914. A description of this change and what you need to do if you're affected by it is below.

Secondly, improvements, including:

  • A (much-needed) short help text is now available: use delta -h. Delta is the proud possessor of 100 command-line options, so I think this is going to be helpful.
  • git blame output now displays line numbers (thanks to @th1000s)
  • Improvements to file and mode labels by @WayneD
  • delta now has a user manual: You can even create a PDF copy (print button in upper-right hand corner), and the README is correspondingly now a much easier read with the minimal required setup instructions and an overview of functionality with screenshots.

Finally some bug fixes, including

  • File path hyperlinks (e.g. in diff and grep output) were previously sometimes incorrect, especially when delta was invoked from a directory other than the repo root.
  • Some fixes to grep output parsing edge cases

Deprecated options no longer supported:

The options affected here have been deprecated for a couple of years; I hope this doesn't cause you any trouble. Here are the details:

The most common case is that you have something like this in your ~/.gitconfig:

    plus-color = my_plus_color
    minus-color = my_minus_color

Please change that to

    plus-style = syntax my_plus_color
    minus-style = normal my_minus_color

Here's the list of deprecated options with a summary of how to update them:

minus-color             Deprecated: use `minus-style = normal my_background_color`
plus-color              Deprecated: Use `plus-style = syntax my_background_color`
minus-emph-color        Deprecated: use `minus-emph-style = normal my_background_color`
plus-emph-color         Deprecated: Use `plus-emph-style = syntax my_background_color`
highlight-removed       Deprecated: use `minus-style = syntax my_background_color`
commit-color            Deprecated: use `commit-style = my_foreground_color
                                         commit-decoration-style = my_foreground_color`
file-color              Deprecated: use `file-style = my_foreground_color
                                         file-decoration-style = my_foreground_color`
hunk-style              Deprecated: synonym of `hunk-header-decoration-style`
hunk-color              Deprecated: use `hunk-header-style = my_foreground_color
                                         hunk-header-decoration-style = my_foreground_color`
theme                   Deprecated: use `syntax-theme`

For full documentation, please see delta --help and


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Full Changelog: 0.11.3...0.12.0


15 Dec 23:59
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  • Fix handling of --word-diff and --color-words (#829). Note that line-numbers and side-by-side will be ignored if delta detects that the input was generated by git --word-diff / --color-words.
  • DELTA_FEATURES can now be used to add to features specified in ~/.gitconfig. Use a + prefix to do this: an example is DELTA_FEATURES=+side-by-side which will activate side-by-side, in addition to your usual features.
  • Store less history file in a better location on Windows. Thanks @rashil2000 for this work!
  • Fix performance issue affecting some linux users (#839)

What's Changed

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Full Changelog: 0.11.2...0.11.3


08 Dec 03:52
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This release fixes a performance problem that was affecting some users. See #824


06 Dec 18:45
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Fixes a crash that can occur, see for example #826. Thanks @mrjoel.

What's Changed

  • Be permissive about unexpected state machine state by @dandavison in #827

Full Changelog: 0.11.0...0.11.1


06 Dec 01:18
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This release adds handling of merge conflicts and the "combined" diff format which git uses for merge commits; see the Merge conflicts README section and #189. Please consider setting

    conflictstyle = diff3

With that setting, when a merge conflict is encountered, delta will display diffs between the ancestral commit and each of the two merge parents:



Full Changelog: 0.10.3...0.11.0