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An Org-mode buffer management tool

The function `org-buffers-list’ creates a read-only Org-mode buffer populated with links to currently open buffers. By default, buffers are grouped by major mode. Buffers can be flagged for deletion (d), revert (r) and pending operations executed (x), in a similar way to dired and buffer-menu-mode.

Type “?” to see all available actions, and also see the org-mode Customize group “org-buffers”. Some variables that can be configured are

  • org-buffers-buffer-properties
  • org-buffers-excluded-modes
  • org-buffers-excluded-buffers
  • org-buffers-follow-link-method
  • org-buffers-mode-hook
  • org-buffers-buffer-name
  • org-buffers-switch-to-buffer-function

Bugs [33/37]

when deleting many keep in sensible state even if back out half way

e.g. you might back out when alerted that modified and asked if you want to save.

Column view

Need to disable things when entering colview and reenable when exiting
d in columns-view deletes everything but current

Why are all org files being opened sometimes?

I.e. as if agenda had been called ‘Getting targets…’

Point movement with g in lines mode

because heading search target is above point Solving this would require searching for line rather than heading.

Come on github, turn me into html!

selected all buffers in subtree, d, x and heading didn’t go

Before first heading mode when flat view -> colview

Fix toggling headings in flat mode bug

PROPOSED deleting last buffer in flat mode caused error

if: Args out of range: 864, 1118 can’t recreate this?

Keybindings conflicts

We are over-riding speed commands
E.g. p conflicts with p in / dispatcher.
Conflicts with column-view keys

delete last entry in buffer when region active

Don’t jump to non-existent buffer

all properties exposed after using :by

C-x k Buffers C-x C-b , b de RET

dirname -> major-mode

Set tag if region encompasses part of one line only

Currently does in lines mode but not in headings mode

stop region taking too much

stop deleting whole subtrees

I got NONE as only property once

This is when use b without properties present in buffer. I believe getting into this state is a bug caused by error (usually a before-first-heading error) and so should be fixed.

Grouping by property that can be nil screws up

point movement when inserting properties

when grouped by major mode, put point on first level 1 heading , p, point moves down to level 2.

Column view needs to get rid of buffer-read-only

Don’t show all on flat view

before first heading when list:flat

Should get rid of properties when moving to lines mode?

No such buffer nil on RET to deleted

This error message from org-open-at-point

Compare details of region selection with other modes

How to check for current minor modes?

Ratheer than testing buffer name

overzealous -mode chomping hook function

Point movement when properties

D in line mode sets on first of region only

d on single line causes previous one to get tag also

%20 in buffer name

Deleting last 4 caused text screw up

Tags can be hard to line up with buffers

Tags for deletion [3/3]

Deletes alternates
Needs active region
Executing pending doesn’t work first time

Stop hijacking keys in other org buffers

Make tags visible

CANCELLED Stop buffer links over-riding file links

and yet make them usable. I’ve set them not to store on org-store-link

CANCELLED Add context to buffer links

Can use this for org buffers. I’m leaving this for now.

CANCELLED Don’t use props for b-m-p? just tags

CANCELLED Get rid of newline at eob

Org config


Buffer links and buffer listing for Org-mode






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