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Modulr demo project

This project is a little test-bed to help me understand how Modulr works. Modulr is a script concatenation tool similar to Sprockets, but uses the CommonJS API to declare which files should be merged at build time.

modulrized.js is the file generated by running:

$ modulrize main.js > modulrized.js


To learn more about Modulr, take a peek at the project on Github:

Try it for yourself

$ sudo gem install modulr
$ git clone git://
$ cd modulr-demo
$ modulrize main.js > modulrized.js
$ open ./index.html

Take a look at main.js and each of the files within lib/ to get an idea of how all of the scripts tie together. The result is viewable within modulrized.js.

More information

I've posted a more thorough explanation of Modulr on my blog.