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Object Pants

Object Pants is a set Object utility methods. This package plays nice with others by not forcing you to "pollute" the global Object object. On the other hand, it provides a means to add them to the global Object object, if that's how you roll.

If you opt-in to adding these methods to the global Object object, each of them will only be added if members don't already exist with their given name.

The current suite includes:

  • isString
  • isNumber
  • isUndefined
  • isDate
  • isFunction
  • extend
  • values


To get a reference to the pants, while NOT modifying the global Object object, just require the package:

var pants = require("object-pants");
// -> true

If, on the other hand, you want to just add these to the global Object object, call the install method:

// -> true

These pants are inspired (and sometimes directly copied from) Prototype.js


Grab a copy of the source, and require it in your app:


Or install it with NPM:

$ npm install object-pants

Then require it in your app:

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