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  • Data store's should be able to extend their Model API when necessary.
  • Fire data-driven events (EventEmitter2)

    √ model.on('change', function(name, value, old) {}); √ model.on('change:name', function(value, old) {}); √ model.on('delete', function(model) {});

  • Fire Model-type level data-driven events:

    √ Model.on('new', function(model) {}); √ Model.on('delete', function(model) {}); √ Model.on('change', function(model, property, value, old) {}); √ Model.on('change:name', function(model, value, old) {});

  • Figure out methodology for setting data w/o firing events.

    X model.shhh('name', 'Dan'); X model.quiet('name', 'Dan'); √ model._name = 'Dan';

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