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dandean committed Nov 15, 2010
1 parent 57f4a60 commit 47e235776d197d7a7f2c369ac4ab441ae03ddfda
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+var Uuid = require("./uuid-lib"),
+ Assert = require("assert");
+var empty = Uuid.EMPTY,
+ uuid = Uuid.create();
+ raw = Uuid.raw();
+Assert.equal('00000000000000000000000000000000', empty, 'Empty UUID is not the correct value.');
+Assert.ok(Uuid.isUuid(empty), "EMPTY should be a valid UUID.");
+Assert.ok(Uuid.isUuid(uuid), "Uuid object should be a valid UUID");
+Assert.ok(Uuid.isUuid(raw), "UUID string should be a valid UUID");
+Assert.ok(uuid instanceof Uuid, "Uuid instance should be instanceof Uuid.");
+Assert.ok((raw instanceof Uuid) == false, "Result of raw() should not be instanceof Uuid.");
+Assert.ok( == '[object String]', "Result of raw() should be a string");

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