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Dmitry G. Anderson

Hello, I'm Dmitry G. Anderson - Software Developer and JavaScript Enthusiast. I'm in love with JavaScript programming language and building graphical web interfaces. Since November 2016 I dropped all of my others and began training my hard skills in Frontend Development and JavaScript like a weightlifter on steroids before starts.

I want growing up as much faster as its can and if you can load me cool js frontend stuff - I'm ready for job!

If being more precisely, I ideally dream to building cool and complicated web apps, pumping up my brain with programming hard skills, learn more other cool hard frontend stuff, get awesome middle / senior mentor, and deep dive in cool project surrounded with my like-minded people.

more about me

one page PDF resume (en | rus | ukr) (in progress)

( if you thinking that you don't hire juniors, just read )


Hard Skills Soft Skills Other Skills
HTML and template engines English language Blind 10-fingers fast typing
CSS, basics of BEM, Sass(SCSS), Bootstrap Psychology and pedagogy Repair of computer equipment, soldering and replacement of hardware electronic components
JavaScript (ES2015+) / AJAX / OOP Professional ethics and etiquette Decomposing tech tasks / Time management / Self organizing
Basics of Nodejs & Express Conflictology workflowy / trello / kanban-like
Basic concepts of functional programming Public Relations Slack / Telegram / Skype
Basics of TDD with unit tests using Mocha, Chai Speech communication Google Docs
Build systems Webpack, Gulp Psychology of business communication
Basics of PHP and MySQL
Basics of Wordpress
CLI / Bash


December 2017 Project cooperation with internet marketing agency "Зарядка"

Short description: Developing a corporate website of the manufacturer in order to receive applications for the order of products.


Education Projects

August 2018. REST API GUI Project

Short description: This app allows to interact with the REST API service using the simple graphical interface. It has the ability to perform basic requests to the server by interaction with graphical elements. The query result is dynamically displayed in the app output pane.

November 2017 - July 2018. Long JavaScript programming learning session

Short description: My repo for studying JavaScript programming tasks and mini projects.

October 2017. Gulp boilerplate template for frontend lite projects

Short description: My custom gulp boilerplate for building lite projects.

July 2017. Production one page portfolio website

Short description: Developing production portfolio website with HTML / Pug / CSS / Sass(SCSS), Bootsrap 4, and other third party libraries.

May 2017. Production template for my own Wordpress portfolio theme

Short description: Developing template for Wordpress portfolio theme with HTML / CSS, Bootsrap 4 and other third party libraries.

April 2017. Website stub

Short description: Developing website stub with HTML / CSS and Bootsrap 4.

March 2017. Several small projects with Bootstrap 4

Short description: This is three small education projects with HTML / CSS and Bootsrap 4.

March 2017. Social Page by Memory Konstantin Stupin

Short description: This is Social Page by Memory Konstantin Stupin.

February 2017. Sketch for Powerlifting Federation website

Short description: This is semi-education social project aims to build a sketch for Powerlifting Federation website for future usage and gain expertize with web development technologies.

December 2016. My first HTML / CSS and Bootstrap education project

Short description: This is my first education project when I got acquainted with the technologies of web development.


    • Main profile

    • Have there a lot of code examples, solved problems, components, written during the my javascript study from begin to last time. There you can see how growed complexity of solved problems during the time

  • badge
    • Codewars is a community of developers, who are called Code Warriors (or just warriors), that train on improving their development skills. Think of it like a coding dojo - where developers train with each other and help each other get better through practice.

    • Are you in need for JavaScript developers? WarriorJS can help you find talent by looking at the players' problem-solving approach and directly reaching out to the best candidates.

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Academic Degree

Specialist degree in Sociology (five years of education) 2011: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Qualification Certificates


Read Books


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