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Revision history for MongoDBx::Class
0.91 2011-07-16 20:21:43 Asia/Jerusalem
- small documentation fixes
0.9 2011-07-16 17:10:26 Asia/Jerusalem
[ New features ]
- Created a very-simple (and experimental) connection pool under the new
MongoDBx::Class::ConnectionPool role class, with two implementations
called Backup Pool and Rotated Pool. See the documentation of
the MongoDBx::Class::pool() method for more information.
- Changed MongoDBx::Class::Cursor->next() such that it takes an
option to return the document as is (i.e. as a hash-ref) without
expanding it (will be used internally by MongoDBx::Class at a
later version).
[ Bug fixes ]
- MongoDBx::Class::Document::update(), when called with an update
hash-ref, will return the output of MongoDB::Collection->update()
as expected (did not do that before causing a false value to be
returned even if update succeeded).
0.8 2011-05-09 19:54:24 Asia/Jerusalem
- Added the option to tell MongoDBx::Class where to search for
document classes (see the document_dirs attribute)
- Added a new question/answer to the FAQ section of the tutorial
explaining when and why MongoDBx::Class might fail to expand
documents to their respective classes
- Fixed bug causing MongoDBx::Class to fail when a document class
has attributes that hold blessed values of classes that do not
use Moose.
- 01-simple.t now drops the test database before and after running
the test.
- renamed the test schema to prevent clashing with other namespaces
0.7 2011-03-17 00:48:50 Asia/Jerusalem
- Changed the way database connection is made to be more like
in the original MongoDB driver (there was no reason to do it differently,
this change breaks backwords compatibility though)
- Added the defines_many relationship type that helps embedding
documents within a hash reference.
- Added the as_hashref() method to embedded documents.
- Removed the -T option from the shebang line in 01-simple.t as
it seems like it causes the whole module finding problems (though
I could be wrong)
- Status updated from alpha to beta
0.6 2011-02-01 23:28:29 Asia/Jerusalem
- MongoDBx::Class's connect() method now takes all the parameters
that MongoDB::Collection's new() method takes, so we can use
authentication and other MongoDB options. We can also define a
safe connection with the 'safe' option.
0.5 2011-02-01 21:10:25 Asia/Jerusalem
- DateTime inflation/deflation in MongoDBx::Class::ParsedAttribute::DateTime
is now evaled to prevent dies
- The argumented version of the update() method in MongoDBx::Class::Moose
now also updates the document object with the new changes
- Updated test to reflect above change
- Fixed bug causing 'null' values being saved in the database when
using the $doc->update() method.
0.4 2011-01-11 22:25:54 Asia/Jerusalem
- Added the _attributes method to document objects (standalone/embedded)
- Added the ParsedAttribute role and the ParsedAttribute::DateTime class for
document attributes that are automatically expanded and collapsed by MongoDBx::Class
- Added the Parsed attribute trait to allow setting document attributes
that are parsed by ParsedAttribute classes
- Fixed some POD mistakes in the docs
- Improved the documentation a bit
- insert and batch_insert shouldn't enforce only inserting hash-refs
- Fixed bug in MongoDBx::Class::Collection->update where the wrong function argument was collapsed
- Fixed bug in MongoDBx::Class::Collection->find_one where searching by string OID didn't work
- Updated test suite with new features
0.3 2010-12-26 12:15:03 Asia/Jerusalem
- Fixed typos, errors and mistakes in the distribution's documentation
- Added another item to the CAVEATS AND THINGS TO CONSIDER section of MongoDBx/
- Temporarily added a bypass for the test problem until I can figure
out what's the problem.
0.2 2010-12-25 23:13:25 Asia/Jerusalem
- Fixed bug preventing tests from loading the test schema
0.1 2010-12-25 20:40:15 Asia/Jerusalem
- Initial release