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Aloha Editor in Meteor Test App
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Meteor + Aloha Editor

HTML5 contentEditable editable with Aloha Editor as WYSIWYG editor

Using (Aloha Editor)[] in your Meteor applications.

Live example

Aloha Editor Meteor package


To use the Aloha Editor smart package for Meteor you'll need to add it to your Meteor application / installation.

  • Install Meteorite via +npm install -g meteorite+
  • Add the Aloha Editor package +mrt add aloha-editor+
  • Launch the application locally with +mrt+

For further information see:

See +client/contenteditable.html+ and +client/contenteditable.js+ -- HTML elements with the class "editable" will become editable with Aloha Editor when you click the "click to edit" button (this triggers: +$(".editable").aloha();+)

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