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Dark New Tab

image A minimalistic grey new tab page for Google Chrome. No external network requests. No analytics. No tracking. No bullshit.


  1. A minimalistic new tab page replacement for Chrome.
  2. New tab page fades from black to dark grey; easy on your eyes.


  1. Default Chrome new tab page makes network requests and show thumbnail images of previously visited sites Some new tab page extensions can be slow to launch if system is low on resources
  2. I don't want distractions
  3. I don't want to be blinded by a white page whenever I open a new tab


Get it from the Chrome Web Store


  • v1.3 - Removed "Dark New Tab" text from tab
  • v1.2 - Initial limited release on Chrome Web Store; mouserOver brightness boost removed
  • v1.1 - Initial, unreleased code for personal use


Daniel is a web developer seeking opportunities, beverage socials, and late-night taco runs.