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πŸ—„ Common configuration files to use when setting up or improving a shell environment
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Common configuration files and handy scripts to use when setting up or improving a shell environment.


$ git clone
$ cd dotfiles
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ ./install.zsh

Configuration Files

File Purpose
Brewfile A list of things to be installed using Homebrew
ackrc Configuration for ack. Ignores several common generated output directory patterns.
alexrc Configuration for alex, the considerate writing tool.
aliases.zsh Command aliases that work in zsh but may not be safe for other shells.
ctags Configuration for the ctags indexing tool.
functions.zsh Function definitions useful in zsh that may not be safe for other shells.
gitconfig Configuration to provide convenience methods when using git on the command line. Supports an untracked ~/.gitconfig.local file to avoid committing sensitive information.
hushlogin Tells macOS not to include Last Login messages on shell startup.
npmrc Configuration for npm, namely the directory for global installations.
pystartup Configuration for Python startup, namely to enable readline capabilities from previous sessions along with tab completion.
rvmrc Configuration for RVM, namely to set autoupdating
screenrc Configuration for screen status line
vimrc Configuration to improve the user experience of Vim. No fancy macros, just good highlighting and native settings along with some position history.
zshrc Configuration settings for making zsh even more awesome.
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