Hapi plugin for the Sequelize ORM
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hapi-sequelize - a hapi plugin for the sequelize orm

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Warning ⚠️

This project is no longer actively maintained. The current version has been tested for versions of Hapi up to 13.x & Sequelize 3.x. It is known to be incompatible with versions of Hapi 17+ & Sequelize 4+.

There is a great fork of this project that has been in active development located at: https://github.com/valtlfelipe/hapi-sequelizejs


npm install --save hapi-sequelize


Simply pass in your sequelize instance and a few basic options and voila. Options accepts a single object or an array for multiple dbs.

      register: require('hapi-sequelize'),
      options: [ 
          name: 'dbname', // identifier
          models: ['./server/models/**/*.js'],  // paths/globs to model files
          sequelize: new Sequelize(config, opts), // sequelize instance
          sync: true, // sync models - default false
          forceSync: false, // force sync (drops tables) - default false
          onConnect: function (database) { // Optional
            // migrations, seeders, etc.

Database Instances

Each registration adds a DB instance to the server.plugins['hapi-sequelize'] object with the name option as the key.

function DB(sequelize, models) {
  this.sequelize = sequelize;
  this.models = models;

// smth like this
server.plugins['hapi-sequelize'][opts.name] = new DB(opts.sequelize, models);

Usage with Glue

If you use Glue to compose your server, you'll need to load hapi-sequelize like this;

var manifest = require('./config/manifest');

  "plugin": {
    "register": "hapi-sequelize",
    "options": {
      "name": "name",
      "models": 'models/models/*.js',
      "sequelize": new Sequelize(config, opts),
      "sync": true,
      "forceSync": false // force sync (drops tables) - default false

// Load the manifest and start the server



The request object gets decorated with the method getDb. This allows you to easily grab a DB instance in a route handler. If you have multiple registrations pass the name of the one you would like returned or else the single or first registration will be returned.

handler(request, reply) {
  const db1 = request.getDb('db1');


Returns single model that matches the passed argument or null if the model doesn't exist.


Returns all models on the db instance


If you have any ideas for useful additions to the API or any other improvements to the plugin please open an issue or a PR.

Also feel free to tackle any of the outstanding todo's in the issues. These are mostly currently for testing, documentation. I hope to at least provide a reliable, developer friendly plugin.