needs to be set before before baseline.setbase() is called. #10

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mfields commented Aug 30, 2012

Testing the vanilla script I noticed that my images were not resizing. I discovered that baseline.newHeight was never being set because was undefined. The best solution I found was to call baseline.tellmetarget() before baseline.setbase().

mfields added some commits Aug 30, 2012
@mfields mfields Set the value of in init() before setBase() is called. f8e1840
@mfields mfields needs to be set before before baseline.setbase() is c…

 * Remove code that set in init().
 * Call baseline.tellmetarget() before baseline.setbase().
@mfields mfields Remove quotes from the examples at the top of baseline.js. The second…
… parameter needs to be an int. Strings will not work.
@daneden daneden closed this in #19 Aug 15, 2013
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