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MVP do-it-yourself Giphy
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Gifme is a super-simple Ruby and JS app for grabbing, previewing, and linking to individual files in a directory of images. Namely, animated gifs.

Now also a Slack app!

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Why would you do this

I wanted to be able to search my gif library and do so in a way more fancy/interesting than CMD+F. I also wanted previews that were bandwidth-friendly, and (eventually) a tagging system with both global and local tags.

I then wanted to make use of the app to basically use as a replacement for Slack’s Giphy integration. Giphy integration is neat, but searching my own gif library from the comfort of a Slack channel is neater.

How did you do this

Take a look through the code and find out! But the TL;DR is this:

  • The whole thing is a one-view Sinatra/Rack app with JavaScript search
  • All routes except for / resolve as /gifs/{request}
  • There is a symlink to a directory of images (gifs) in public
    • This is where you'd put (or symlink) your images/gifs if you wanted to run it yourself
  • I'm using Passenger to run the Rack app on my Apache server
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