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Cerubis Test Status

Cerubis is inspired by Liquid Markup and Mustache. I like how Mustache syntax looks, but it's logic-less. Liquid allows just enough logic, but I don't like the syntax. And so Cerubis was born.


A block is started with {{# ... }} and closed with {{/ ... }}. Output is defined as {{ ... }}.

  <h1>{{ page.title }}</h1>
  {{#unless navigation.empty?}}
    {{#loop nav in navigation}}
    <li>{{ link_to page }}</li>

Standard Blocks

  • if
  • unless
  • loop

Objects in Template Context

Rendering a Cerubis template with objects in the context is easy:

template_str = <<-STR
  {{#if items.empty?}}
    <p>There are no items!</p>

context = { items: [1,2,3] }

Cerubis.render(template_str, context)

You can create your own objects and add them to template context, but you need to make Cerubis aware of the methods it's allowed to call:

class Foo
  include Cerubis::Method
  cerubis_method :foo, :bar, :baz

  def foo; "Foo Method"; end
  def bar; "Bar Method"; end
  def baz; "Baz Method"; end

template_str = "<some-template-text>"
context      = { foo: }

Cerubis.render(template_str, context)

Shown above, object methods are made available to Cerubis templates by indicating them with cerubis_method. The cerubis_method can have many method names passed to it and cerubis_method can be called multiple times.

Template Helpers

Template helpers are meant to add convienence methods to your code. Below you see how simple it is to add a helper and to use it in your template:

# Adding a new helper
module FooHelper
  def foo_helper(name, value)
    "My name is #{name} and my value is #{value}"

Cerubis.register_helper :foo_helper, FooHelper

# Using the helper
content = <<-STR
  Hello {{ foo_helper 'John Doe', '12' }}

template = Cerubis.render(content)


You can run the tests in a few different ways. First, you've got your standard ruby way:

ruby -Ilib:test test/cerubis_test.rb
ruby -Ilib:test test/all.rb

Or you can run them all with Rake:

rake test

Code Coverage

The cover_me gem has been added to the project. If you'd like to see the current coverage just run thor test:coverage.

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