This is a small todo application from the official site but with mongodb support instead of anorm.
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First steps with Playframework 2.0 (Scala) and MongoDb (Salat)

In the official wiki there is a tutorial about how to create a todo application using Play 2.0 framework with Scala, you can find it here

But it uses an Sql database.

We will try to make it use MongoDb instead.

We will use Salat library for MongoDb support ( There is also an alternative "mongo-jackson-mapper" module for Play 2.0 which can be found here , but it's somehow harder to use and it's not Scala specific, more about differences can be found here


  • Complete the tutorial mentioned before if you didn't already do that.

  • Replace project/Build.scala file by the one from this repo.

  • Do "play dependencies" in your console (in the project's root folder)

  • Replace other files in your application by files from this repo.

  • Don't forget to start mongodb daemon! It should use the default host (localhost) and the default port.

  • Run the application, if everything works, congratulations, you've done it!

  • Have fun!

What next?

I tried to keep this tutorial as simple as possible, there is, obviously, much more things to do if you want to create a large-scale application.

First of all there is a problem with ClassCastExceptions, as tmbo said:

If the application grows, you will run into ClassCastExceptions if you don't use our own salat-context
(it's because of plays dynamic class reloading and stuff). The context should look like

There is also a MongoDB Salat plugin for Play Framework 2 (Scala only) with an example application (address book) that is much more complete than my "First-step tutorial", it can be found here