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Working Environment

You have several options in setting up your working environment. We recommend using virtualenv to separate the dependencies of your project from your system's python environment. If on Linux or Mac OS X, you can also use virtualenvwrapper to help manage multiple virtualenvs across different projects.

Virtualenv Only

First, make sure you are using virtualenv (http://www.virtualenv.org). Once that's installed, create your virtualenv::

$ virtualenv --distribute icecream

You will also need to ensure that the virtualenv has the project directory added to the path. Adding the project directory will allow django-admin.py to be able to change settings using the --settings flag.

Virtualenv with virtualenvwrapper

In Linux and Mac OSX, you can install virtualenvwrapper (http://virtualenvwrapper.readthedocs.org/en/latest/), which will take care of managing your virtual environments and adding the project path to the site-directory for you::

$ mkdir agoracommuns
$ mkvirtualenv -a agoracommuns agoracommuns-dev
$ cd agoracommuns && add2virtualenv `pwd`

Installation of Dependencies

Depending on where you are installing dependencies:

In development::

$ pip install -r requirements/local.txt

For production::

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

note: We install production requirements this way because many Platforms as a Services expect a requirements.txt file in the root of projects.