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webapp to generate a random KEY, MODE and set of chords to play.
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   8888     ,88'  8 8888        8  ` 8888     ,88'   8 8888   `8b.   8 8888    ,o88P'  `8b.  ;8.`8888 
    `8888888P'    8 8888        8     `8888888P'     8 8888     `88. 8 888888888P'      `Y8888P ,88P' 



This is a small pet project started cause... lazy.

Lazy in the sense that I will spend an exorbitant amount of time building this so I don't have to go the manual route in finding what this web app will accomplish.


I play guitar among a few other instruments and wanted to find random chord patterns to play because I get stuck on one and every time I pick up the guitar I start playing the same progression and eventually I'm so sick of it I don't want to play anymore.

So started to think of ways to generate random keys and patterns to play just to keep myself entertained.

In came the dice

So rolling dice can generate a random number, and having about 5 pounds of various sided dice I began to experiment with different sided dice to accomplish a system of rolling a few dice and gathering a key to play and a set of diatonic chords to form a progression of sorts. (sorry, but a tad bit of theory is needed to understand this concept.).

  • A 12 sided die would set the key
  • A D&D emotion die set the mode (minor or Major)
  • A few other 4, 5, 6 sided dice would set the diatonic chords to play in the progression

i.e. roll a 3 (key is Bb) roll a smiley face (Major) then rolls the chord dice, say 1,5,2 (BbMaj, FMaj, Cmin).

  • Play with it till a pattern sounds fun
  • Turn on the looper and sketch out a rhythm
  • Jam over it
  • If it sounded gross, rinse & repeat.

This is all good and well but like I said I'm lazy, so wasn't rolling the dice and started getting stuck on a progression for a few days.

Duh, I can build something for this

So here we are, a small web app to pull up on the phone and it will give spit out a random this and that. Great let's jam!

But then the developer side of me kept going....

It is now something that has become a small monster as I keep thinking of ways to make it better and make it more fun and blah blah blah.

We all know this path....

So what now

Well if you’re a developer/musician just download and put it on a server and run, if you’re not a developer you can find it at here if you want to use it.

How to use it?

  • Open the page
  • It will automatically output a random sequence with 3 chords utilizing all seven diatonic chords in either Major or minor
  • Hit the meh button at the bottom if it's not to your taste to get another set
  • Press the sliders button at the top to see the settings to customize the output


  • Set mode: [Auto, Major, minor]
  • How many chords: number of chords to output [default is 3]
  • Which chords can we use: here you can set which diatonic chords to use in the set
  • predestined bliss: This will pick from a set of predefined chord progressions to ensure a good sounding pattern. The key is random though

Things to note

  • This was built for mobile although it will work on any device, just may not look as nice on a desktop.
  • It's a pet so the code hasn't been refactored or optimized yet (keep thinking of ideas) and there may be a bug or two if your just downloading from here. Most stable version is online
  • You can use it if you like for personal use but if you want to post this to your website just give me credit for it and let me k
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