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Small web application to store print file status in a tabular format. Has custom log in features with an admin able to add new users. Also internal emailing for specific departments. Created for work, the functionality was custom to the specifics needed for the application.
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Simple App to track print files in your organization

This is the localhost branch set up for working with XAMPP Needed a way to track the revision process and order request for print files at work. so created this to put on back end of site and hide via robots.txt. Pretty simple and straight forward to install and use.

Created in php and uses PDO for db connection and queries. little jQuery as well (links to google CDN

  1. download and eddit a the assets/connection.php file with your dbname, user, pass...
  2. edit the same variables in assets/proccess/install.php, also add the first user and pass.
  3. may have to edit the redirect functions in assets/functions.php
  4. on your server create a db with name 'print' don't worry about creating tables
  5. upload and in your borwser go to
  6. follow the link at the end if all is well and start adding pring files.
  7. you can add new user and passwords throught mysql on your server. I plan on creating an admin section to add new users later (see things to do at the bottom)

Feel free to edit and such as you please.

###Things to do

  • redo the login backend for better security, as of now not hashing the passwords (big no no)
  • create admin column in db
  • create admin page for adding new users
  • make head an include and not static for easy maintenance of multiple pages do same with js and put at bottom
  • add favicon support
  • make responsive
  • refine install.php with beter error reporting
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