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website start with Gulp and all my favorites already in place
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Boilerplate to Start anything

Start is a boilerplate with a bit of everything, but without anything at the same time. On one hand it has a secure database and login system, a dedicated page loader, and error handling for the site built in. But on the other, the pages are empty and how you want to create the site is up to you. I have included enough to get started but not enough to have every site created with the boilerplate look the same. If you have a client that wants a splash page put up to gather emails, it's already in place. Then when the site is ready to launch you can set it to maintenance mode to hide the splash page while you get the site installed. Versioning of scripts and css are there so when the site in not in production mode you don't have to worry about browsers caching your files.

What's in the box?

  • It's got the GULP
  • It has a file or two
  • The head, foot, and back end are in PHP
  • SCSS variables for color and font
  • Bootstrap SASS & JS is baked in the workflow
  • GSAP and FontAwesome just cause their awesome
  • swal2, I ain't reinventing the wheel for a popup
  • all js 3rd parties can be turned on or off through config.php
  • easy versioning of css & js files
  • Oh and default functions for forms, databases using PDO
  • It has a pageloader if you're into that sort of thing (set it for whole site or per page)
  • secure login (bcrypt) and user profiles
  • database and login system can be turned off and all files removed with a simple gulp command
  • Maintenance mode for when you're doing maintenance
  • Install script to set up database and first admin user
  • Use all of it or turn off everything
  • Yeah this is starting to get out of hand

##Let's talk about the gulp You can also use gulp help to display all the tasks set up in gulpfile.js

css                = sourcemaps | sass | prefix | minimize | filesize
jsCat              = concat js files
checkjs            = jslint
jsUgly             = uglify concatonated js file
image              = optimize images and save to build dir
watch (default)    = css, checkjs, jsCat, image, moves files
build              = css, ALLjs, & image + moves files to build
package            = all build files and files in root copied to package/ then .zip
clean              = deletes package and build directories and
nodb               = removes all files needed for db usage.

Features in the login system

  • bcrypt secure login
  • Email verification with link
  • Forgot your password link
  • Page redirects for account setup on login
  • Profile page with user edit
  • admin page allows user addition/deletion

Maintenance modes

When you put the site in maintenance mode it will redirect to maintenance.php displaying a message that the site is in maintenance. You can use this for whatever reason you need, database updates. uploading a new version of the site.....

Page Loader

If you have a site that will take a bit to load or your fighting a bit of FOUC you can initialize the pageloader either for the full site or just a page or two.

How to get started

  • clone this repo into a new project
  • run npm install
  • run gulp watch
  • if you do NOT need database support or a login system run gulp nodb
  • start coding
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