FMarkup is an HTML/CSS generation library and DSL for F#.
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FMarkup is a tool for creating HTML/CSS documents in pure F#.

Simple Example

open FMarkup
open FMarkup.Css

let accountsPage accounts =
    html [
      body [
        ul [
          rule "li" [               // Inline rules are scoped to the parent element
          [ for a in accounts ->
            li [
              img [
                width 100           // Inline styles work, too
                height 100

let accountsStyle =
  style [
    rule "body" [
      color "silver"
      background.color "black"
    rule "a" [
      rule ":hover" [               // Rules may be nested

Because your views are simple functions, composing templates/layouts/master pages is as simple as creating functions with arguments where markup holes are filled. To render the markup, create an instance of the HtmlPrinter record. It has two fields: Format, which specifies whether you want to render HTML or XHTML, and CssUnit, which specifies what CSS unit value (such as px) you would like int and float values to be rendered with.


Because FMarkup works with obj list to avoid noise, sometimes it may be necessary to upcast symbols, so the operators % and %% are provided to cast to obj and obj list, respectively.

Virtually all HTML5 and CSS3 symbols are supported. Bindings for some more obscure CSS properties which support multiple values may need to be improved, let me know if you run into any issues.

Compact Style

A module called FMarkup.Compact is provided with succinct shortcuts to many common artifacts. It contains some experimental operators which may be included later into the main module.


Public Domain.