A command line tool for speeding up simple migrations in the Geddy.js framework.
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Stop frowning during migrations!

Smilegrate is a simple command line utility for running migrations in the Geddy.js framework for Node.js.

Install is easy if you have Node and NPM installed:

npm i -g smilegrate

Smilegrate is for simple migrations, like adding or removing a single column from a table. Such a migration might be performed to add a "name" string to the user table like so:

$ smilegrate add user string name

Or, to remove the same row:

$ smilegrate remove user string name

In these examples, "string" could be replaced with any datatype that Model(Geddy's ORM) supports.

Under the hood

Smilegrate is basically performing three functions for you:

  • Generating a migration template using geddy gen migration.
  • Populating that migration file with the bare minimum to perform what you requested.
  • Running the migration using the geddy jake db:migrate command.