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-libccd is library for a collision detection between two convex shapes.
-libccd implements variation on Gilbert–Johnson–Keerthi algorithm plus Expand
-Polytope Algorithm (EPA) and also implements algorithm Minkowski Portal
-Refinement (MPR, a.k.a. XenoCollide) as described in Game Programming Gems 7.
-For more info see home of libccd:
-For implementation details on GJK algorithm, see
-This library is currently based only on standard libraries.
-The only exception are testsuites that are built on top of CU
-( library licensed under LGPL, however only testing depends on
-it and libccd library itself can be distributed without it.
-libccd is licensed under OSI-approved 3-clause BSD License, text of license
-is distributed along with source code in BSD-LICENSE file.
-Each file should include license notice, the rest should be considered as
-licensed under 3-clause BSD License.
-Compile And Install
-Simply type 'make' and 'make install' in src/ directory.
-Library libccd is by default compiled in double precision of floating point
-numbers - you can controll this by options USE_SINGLE/USE_DOUBLE, i.e.:
- $ make USE_SINGLE=yes
-will compile library in single precision.
-Installation directory can be changed by options PREFIX, INCLUDEDIR and
-For more info type 'make help'.
-Compile And Install Using Autotools
-libccd also contains support for autotools:
-1) Generate configure script etc.: $ ./bootstrap
-2) Create new build/ directory: $ mkdir build && cd build
-3) Run configure script: $ ../configure
-4) Run make and make install: $ make && make install
-configure script can change the way libccd is compiled and installed, most
-significant option is --enable-double-precision which enables double
-precision (single is default in this case).
-See ccd.h for public API.
-In your application include <ccd/ccd.h>, setup ccd_t structure and run some
-of functions (all functions are reentrant). Then link with libccd.a.
- - contains source files of libccd.
- - testsuites - libccd must be compiled before compiling this.
- - CU unit testing framework
- - files ready for regression tests
- - some documentation.

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