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Base64 conversion to and from bytes
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This is an Elm package for encoding and decoding Base64 strings.

You can read more about Base64 on Wikipedia, but basically you can use Base64 to encode bytes in plain text.

This package allows you to convert bytes to Base64 strings with Base64.fromBytes and convert a Base64 string to bytes with Base64.toBytes.

View demo


elm install danfishgold/base64-bytes

Bytes to Base64

import Bytes.Encode
import Base64

Bytes.Encode.string "Hello World"
    |> Bytes.Encode.encode
    |> Base64.fromBytes

--> Just "SGVsbG8gV29ybGQ="

Bytes.Encode.string "אהלן עולם"
    |> Bytes.Encode.encode
    |> Base64.fromBytes

--> Just "15DXlNec158g16LXldec150="

Base64 to Bytes

import Bytes
import Bytes.Decode
import Base64

case Base64.toBytes "SGVsbG8gV29ybGQ=" of
    Nothing ->
        Just "Invalid Base64 string"
    Just bytes ->
        Bytes.Decode.decode (Bytes.Decode.string (Bytes.width bytes)) bytes

--> Just "Hello World"

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