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Discover how positive, negative, or neutral top news headlines are around the world using AI.
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Polar News

Discover how positive, negative, or neutral top news headlines are around the world using AI.


How It Works

Curious how positive or negative the world stage is right now? Get a text analysis API to tell you!

You can view the positivity/negativity of individual top news articles. You also get a running average of positivity/negativity as more articles appear, giving you a (slight) peek into the current zeitgeist of the moment.

There's more too: you can target specific topics and countries. Curious about the current attitude of Canadian articles on "Trump"? What about the U.K. on "The Avengers"? You can do that too.

Current Bounadries

  • Only includes English articles
  • Only includes top news articles
  • Only analyzes headlines, not actual article contents
  • Only provides 20 articles per query

Pseudocode Explanation

This app is an intermediary between News API and the Aylien Text Analysis API.

Based on your filters, a GET request is made to News API, returning top headlines from news articles around the world. These headlines are passed through the Aylien Text Analysis API, which returns a polarity measurement of the text, and all this data is presented on the page in a slow drip.

What's a polarity measurement? Basically, it's a measurement of how positive, negative, or neutral the headline sounds.

Feature Roadmap

Given everything available in both APIs, here's a few features worth logging here for possible future development:

  • Analyze article contents, not just headlines (may require a web scraper)
  • Add support for multiple languages (specifically ones that both News API and Aylien support)
  • Increase number of articles per query (maybe 100?)
  • Open up analysis to news articles from smaller news outlets
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