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This is the hotdog web browser project. It's a web browser with its own layout and rendering engine, parsers, and UI toolkit!

It's made from scratch entirely in golang. External dependencies are only OpenGL and GLFW, even go dependencies are kept to a minimum.

The main goal of this project is to learn how web browsers work under the hood by implementing one. The browser is far from stable, spec-compliant, or even really useful, but, I'm slowly working on bringing more features and supporting more sites.



  • ketchup (html parser and DOM Tree builder)
  • mayo (css parser and Render Tree builder)
  • mustard (UI Toolkit, events and OpenGL)
  • sauce (requests, cache and filesystem)
  • bun (css layout calculator)
  • gg (drawing routines and text rendering)

Getting started

  • Running


    This command will start the browser and load an example page

  • Testing

    make test

    This command will run all the configurated unit tests

  • Building

    make build

    This command will build the binary version