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Commits on Jun 29, 2008
  1. kvm_stat fix and havekernel USE flag

    dang committed Jun 29, 2008
    - Fix install of kvm_stat (had wrong path)
    - Add a havekernel USE flag that bypasses the kernel tests.  It allows kvm to be
      emerged on boxed with binary deployed kernels.
    - Thanks to Lance Albertson for both.
Commits on Jun 17, 2008
  1. forgot to add new patches

    dang committed Jun 17, 2008
  2. Bump to 70

    dang committed Jun 17, 2008
    # improve virtio net performance (Anthony Liguori)
    # enable pci slot identification for OS X (Alexander Graf)
    # fix guest reset (Jan Kiszka)
    # code cleanups (Jan Kiszka)
    # fix userspace compilation on older kernels (Chris Wright)
    # support running on 2.6.16 hosts (Andrea Arcangeli)
        * including SLES 10
    # generate mptable even for uniprocessor guests
        * helps esx get further along
    # fix corrupted breakpoints (Jerone Young)
    # on_vcpu() mechanism to execute a function on a vcpu thread
    # fix 'info registers' monitor command
    # fix vcpu register access livelock when a vcpu is spinning
    # fix stopping on debug events (Jan Kiszka)
    # fix livelocks in guest debugger (Jan Kiszka)
    # add mtrr support
        * helps esx limp a bit more
    # fix incorrect pmtimer overflow interrupt generation
    # add 'push imm' instruction to testsuite
    # fix on_vcpu() during guest debug (Jan Kiszka)
    # document boot option for drive flag (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon)
    # coalesced mmio support (Laurent Vivier)
        * should speed up some workloads
    # allow kprobes to coexist with preempt notifier emulation (Andrea Arcangeli)
    # allow virtio devices to reset themselves (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # asynchronous virtio storage device (Marcelo Tosatti)
        * should improve performance
    # fix deadlock waiting for I/O completion
    # merge qemu-svn
        * remove dependency on gcc 3
        * vnc client segfault fix
        * fix vnc problems on resize
        * qemu-nbd tool
    # fix libkvm memory slot destruction api (Ben-Ami Yassour)
    # enable tpr optimization for smp
        * should drastically speed up Windows XP SMP guests
    # big-endian kvmtrace support (Li Tan)
    # remove unneeded variable (Glauber Costa)
    # convert acpi tables to use the C preprocessor for less repetition
    # external module compatibility for NMI (Alexander Graf)
    # fix live migration with new on_vcpu() calls
    # fix false flooding when a pte points to a page table
        * improves 2.4 pae guests with CONFIG_HIGHPTE
    # enable NMI support on Intel (Sheng Yang)
    # fix zero extension during mmio on ia64 (Jes Sorensen)
    # fix hypercall return value on AMD
        * fixes running CONFIG_KVM_GUEST guests
    # s390: use yield() instead of schedule() (Christian Borntraeger)
    # s390: fix locking order problem (Christian Borntraeger)
    # s390: handle machine checks while guest is running (Christian Borntraeger)
    # s390: fix interrupt delivery (Carsen Otte)
    # s390: send program check on access error (Carsen Otte)
    # s390: fix race when idling (Carsen Otte)
    # ppc: add lwzx/stwz instruction emulation (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: code cleanup (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: report bad gfns (Hollis Blanchard)
    # optimize pio path slightly
    # improve segment register ordering
    # migrate pit timer on vcpu migration (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # emulate jmp far instruction (Guillaume Thouvenin)
    # emulate mov reg, imm instruction (Guillaume Thouvenin)
    # emulate mov reg, sreg instruction (Guillaume Thouvenin)
    # optimize mmu page prefetching
    # emulate push imm instruction
    # avoid mmu page prefetching on AMD
    # allow VMware Server to take over vmx when unloading the module (Eli Collins)
    # avoid spinning during large guest teardown
    # fix ioapic interrupt sharing (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # fix crash on resume from suspend to ram (Andrea Arcangeli)
    # fix race between timer migration and vcpu migration (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # close timer injection race when entering guest mode (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # fix reverse map corruption with large pages (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # fix large page pte updates on non-pae guests (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # avoid timer injection if timer already pending (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # avoid linear rip calculation if not reporting (Glauber Costa)
    # fix host oops on guest userspace access to guest page table
    # improve emulation failure reporting
    # emulate nop and xchg reg, acc (Mohammed Gamal)
    # handle undecoded rex.b when r/m = 5
    # simplify r/m and sib decoding
    # simplify relative rip decoding
    # avoid segment adjust for lea instruction
Commits on Jun 4, 2008
  1. Changed qemu-ifup script to actually work with iproute2

    dev-zero committed Jun 4, 2008
    Added qemu-ifdown script
Commits on May 21, 2008
  1. oops, forgot to add patches

    dang committed May 21, 2008
  2. Bump to 69

    dang committed May 21, 2008
    # fix kvm guest clock compile error without apic (Glauber Costa)
    # support PIT mode 3 (Aurelien Jarno)
        * needed by GNU Hurd
    # fix host oops emulating smsw on AMD
    # fake performance counter MSRs on AMD (Chris Lalancette)
        * fixes RHEL 4 guests
    # fix virtio compile error on s390 (Heiko Carstens)
    # fix hlt emulation when PIT is running but not injecting interrupts (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # ditto for local apic (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # fix kernel and userspace structure name clash on ia64 (Xiantao Zhang)
    # fix GVMM module including non-PIC objects (Xiantao Zhang)
    # 'make mrproper' fix (Andrew Morton)
    # fix host oops on emergency reboot when hitting virt instructions
    # simplify host cpu unplug
    # fix kvm_vcpu_block() state race (Marcelo Tosatti)
    # set iosapic pin count to 48 for ia64 (Xiantao Zhang)
    # ppc: fix compile warning (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: fix lost simultaneous interrupts (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: log failed DCR accesses (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: order IRQ bit numbers as per docs (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: remove IRQ polarity code (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: remember state of level-triggered interrupts (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: emulate pci controller on 440 SoC (Hollis Blanchard)
    # ppc: add pci controller to bamboo platform (Hollis Blanchard)
    # external module compatibility updates
    # merge qemu-svn
        * fix CVE-2007-1320 - Cirrus LGD-54XX "bitblt" heap overflow
        * allow boot device change from the monitor
        * reduce spurious vga updates
        * fix CVE-2008-2004 - format guessing vulnerability
    # remove merge conflict leftover (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon)
Commits on May 7, 2008
  1. New version 68

    dang committed May 7, 2008
Commits on Apr 30, 2008
  1. add patch and repoman cleanups

    cardoe committed Apr 30, 2008
    Add i8254 mode patch to kvm-67. cleanup all outstanding repoman issues
Commits on Apr 29, 2008
  1. Add Manifest

    dang committed Apr 29, 2008
  2. initial kvm-66 and kvm-67 ebuilds

    cardoe committed Apr 29, 2008
    Initial kvm-66 and kvm-67 ebuilds that should work for kernels 2.6.22
    and higher
  3. New kvm repo

    dang committed Apr 29, 2008