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JavaScript Code Tracker: a Backbone demo app

JavaScript Code Tracker (JSCT) is a simple web application that demos some basics of JavaScript Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Backbone, a JavaScript MV* lib.

Overview of JavaScript Code Tracker (JSCT)

JSCT is a vehicle for exploring Backbone and demonstrating its features. It lets you see a simple Backbone application in action while also providing commented source code along with a companion doc that describes the application architecture. It's targeted at intermediate JavaScript developers new to Backbone.

Aspects of SPAs demonstrated include:
  • browser-based application driven by the client, not the server — single page load
  • common JS coding practices such as use of an application namespace and minimal use of global namespace, closures for privacy, use of templates, use of "use strict", etc.
  • responsive design to handle browser resize and mobile browsers (incl. orientation change)
  • save/restore of application state (very basic, localStorage is used)
Aspects of SPAs demonstrated include:
  • separation of Model and View layers via Backbone classes Model, View, Collection
  • loose coupling through Backbone events (including use for simple pub/sub)
  • CRUD through Backbone methods create, fetch, save, destroy, etc.
  • application navigation/bookmarking through Backbone Router and History classes

JSCT documentation

The JSCT Overview page describes Backbone concepts and programming techniques and (its main purpose) it points you to implementations of these within JSCT.

==> Run the JSCT demo app