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# First target is default target, if you just type: make
cache: main.o cache.o queue.o list.o queue_interface.o check_direct.o check_k_way.o
gcc -o cache main.o cache.o queue.o list.o queue_interface.o check_k_way.o check_direct.o
main.o: main.c
gcc -c main.c
cache.o: cache.c
gcc -c cache.c
check_direct.o: check_direct.c
gcc -c check_direct.c
check_k_way.o: check_k_way.c
gcc -c check_k_way.c
list.o: list.c
gcc -c list.c
queue.o: queue.c
gcc -c queue.c
queue_interface.o: queue_interface.c
gcc -c queue_interface.c
rm main.o cache.o list.o queue.o queue_interface.o cache
# 'make' will view $v as variable and try to expand it.
# By typing $$, make will reduce it to a single '$' and pass it to the shell.
# The shell will view $dir as a variable and expand it.
dir=`basename $$PWD`; cd ..; tar cvf $$dir.tar ./$$dir; gzip $$dir.tar
dir=`basename $$PWD`; ls -l ../$$dir.tar.gz
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