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This algebraic Specification was specified by:
Professor: William D Clinger
Northeastern University - College of Computer Science
Implementor: An Dang
Static methods:
emptyMap : -> FMap
Dynamic methods (for which the receiver is an FMap<K,V>):
add : K x V -> FMap
isEmpty : -> boolean
size : -> int
containsKey : K -> boolean
get : K -> V
toString : -> String
equals : Object -> boolean
hashCode : -> int
Values of the FMap<K,V> ADT shall also implement the public
dynamic methods equals(Object) and hashCode() such that
If m1 and m2 are values of the FMap ADT, then
m1.equals(m2) if and only if
for every non-null K k
m1.containsKey(k) if and only if m2.containsKey(k)
and for every non-null K k
if m1.containsKey(k)
then m1.get(k).equals(m2.get(k))
If m1 is a value of the FMap ADT, but x is not, then
m1.equals(x) returns false.
If m1 and m2 are values of the FMap ADT, and
then m1.hashCode() == m2.hashCode().
If f1 and f2 are values of the FMap<K,V> ADT, and
then f1.hashCode() is unlikely to be equal to f2.hashCode().
Note: The word "unlikely" will be interpreted as follows.
For every type K and V, if both f1 and f2 are selected at
random from a set of FMap<K,V> values such that for every
non-negative integer n and int value h the probability
of a randomly selected f having n == f.size() is
P(n) = 1/(2^(n+1))
and for each key k such that f.containsKey(k) the
probability that h == k.hashCode() is at most 1/4
and for each value v such that v.equals(f.get(k)) the
probability that h == v.hashCode() is at most 1/4
and the three probabilities above are independent
then the probability of f1.hashCode() == f2.hashCode() when
f1 and f2 are not equal is less than 6%.