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MacRuby 0.12 was a milestone release...

  • Changed RUBY_AUTHOR to "The MacRuby Team"
  • Add support for XCode 4.3
  • Drop support for XCode 4.2 and earlier
  • Upgrade to RubyGems 1.8.20
  • Upgrade to Rake
  • Add the --codesign option to macruby_deploy
  • Gems are now installed to /Library/Ruby/Gems/MacRuby
  • Remove obsoleted constants RUBY_FRAMEWORK and RUBY_FRAMEWORK_VERSION from RbConfig
  • macrubyc/macruby_deploy now uses proper exit codes for --help and --version options
  • The instruby.rb script has been replaced with a set of rake tasks
  • Upgrade JSON to 1.6.5
  • Cocoa objects now use #description for their #inspect output
    p NSURL.URLWithString("").inspect
  • Added Pointer#value shortcut to Pointer#[0]
  • Improve stability and compatibility by over total 630 commits


  • Update to new ruby license
  • Improve some methods of String/Array performance
  • Add Range#relative_to(max)
  • Add Pointer#to_object
  • Import JSON 1.5.1
  • Upgrade RDoc to 3.5.3
  • Improve stability and compatibility by total 515 commits

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