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dirname = sprintf 'ruby-%s', RUBY_VERSION
tagname = dirname.gsub /ruby-(\d)\.(\d)\.(\d)/, 'v\1_\2_\3'
dirname = sprintf 'ruby-%s-p%u', RUBY_VERSION, RUBY_PATCHLEVEL
tagname = dirname.gsub /ruby-(\d)\.(\d)\.(\d)-p/, 'v\1_\2_\3_'
tgzname = dirname + '.tar.gz'
tbzname = dirname + '.tar.bz2'
zipname = dirname + '.zip'
repos = '' + tagname
STDERR.puts 'exporting sources...'
system 'svn', 'export', '-q', repos, dirname
Dir.chdir dirname do
STDERR.puts 'generating configure...'
system 'autoconf'
system 'rm', '-rf', 'autom4te.cache'
STDERR.puts 'generating parse.c...'
system 'bison', '-y', '-o', 'parse.c', 'parse.y'
STDERR.puts 'generating tarballs...'
ENV['GZIP'] = '-9'
system 'tar', 'chofzp', tgzname, dirname
system 'tar', 'chojfp', tbzname, dirname
system 'zip', '-q9r', zipname, dirname
require 'digest/md5'
require 'digest/sha2'
for name in [tgzname, tbzname, zipname] do
open name, 'rb' do |fp|
str =
md5 = Digest::MD5.hexdigest str
sha = Digest::SHA256.hexdigest str
printf "MD5(%s)= %s\nSHA256(%s)= %s\nSIZE(%s)= %s\n\n",
name, md5,
name, sha,
name, str.size
# Local Variables:
# mode: ruby
# code: utf-8
# indent-tabs-mode: t
# tab-width: 3
# ruby-indent-level: 3
# fill-column: 79
# default-justification: full
# End:
# vi: ts=3 sw=3
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