Refresh bean with spring cloud's @RefreshScope support

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Refresh bean with spring boot's @RefreshScope support


  • Spring 4.3.x
  • Spring Boot 1.4.x

Add spring cloud dependency


Mark the bean with @RefreshScope and @EnableAutoConfiguration

@EnableAutoConfiguration // somewhere
public class ExampleBeanWithSpel {

	private String stringProperty;

	private int intProperty;

	private String computedValue;

	private void init() {
		computedValue = stringProperty + intProperty;

	public void someMethod() {
		System.out.println(String.format("My properties: [%s] - [%s] - [%s]", stringProperty, intProperty, computedValue));


Register the bean observed

ExampleBeanWithSpel bean = context.getBean(ExampleBeanWithSpel.class);
GeneralConfigGroup cg1 = (GeneralConfigGroup) context.getBean("propertyGroup1");

cg1.register(new IObserver() {

	public void notified(String data, String value) {

Example code


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