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Bitbucket fixes #646

merged 6 commits into from Aug 1, 2018
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Just for now

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@@ -13,6 +13,12 @@

## Master

# 3.8.3

- Fix error when trying to obtain a response json when the response code is 204 (which means that there is no response).
Fix link of the PR status, so it opens the web version of the PR, pointing to the Danger comment
[646]( - [@acecilia](

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acecilia Aug 1, 2018

Author Member

The hooks that the project has are putting each of the sentences here in a new line

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orta Aug 1, 2018


No worries, if they are different fixes then they can be different line items, I’ll fix it pre shipping

# 3.8.2

- Use the Peril Bot ID for the comment lookup checks - [@orta][]
@@ -232,8 +232,8 @@ export class BitBucketServer implements Platform {
// So take the PR and attack the comment, I think :D

const host =
const prURL = this.api.getPRBasePath()
return issue && && `${host}${prURL}/diff#comment-${}`
const { repoSlug, pullRequestID } = this.api.repoMetadata
return issue && && `${host}/${repoSlug}/pull-requests/${pullRequestID}/overview?commentId=${}`

getFileContents = this.api.getFileContents
@@ -181,7 +181,10 @@ export class BitBucketServerAPI {
) => {
const res = await`rest/build-status/1.0/commits/${commitId}`, {}, payload)
return await res.json()
// If the response status does not contain anything (error code === 204), do not return anything. Otherwise return the json response (seems like bitbucket server v4.10.1 returns 204 with empty response after setting the status)
if (res.status !== 204) {
return await res.json()

postPRComment = async (comment: string) => {
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